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About China Vision


China Vision supports individuals and organisations working to empower and enhance the rights of people with disabilities in China. We form people-to-people links, sharing experiences to drive practical actions aimed at improving the lives of people with visual and other disabilities. By sharing information and resources internationally we work to reduce discrimination and enhance social equality.

  • About China Vision

    China Vision was founded in London in 1999 by a group of individuals concerned about disability, human rights, civil society and open media in China. This group included educators, disability rights activists, media professionals and China specialists, all of whom recognized the severe problems faced by visually impaired people seeking equal access to education and employment in China. China Vision was registered as a UK charity in 1999, with the specific purpose of supporting education for people with visual disabilities in the People’s Republic of China. As our work has grown, we have recognized the need to engage more broadly in disability rights in China, so our remit now covers other areas of disability, including intellectual and psychosocial disability.

  • China Vision is also alert to all human rights concerns which might affect the lives and livelihoods of people with disabilities, including discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, age, religion or sexuality. Initially we supported study visits to the UK by visually disabled teachers, provided a variety of reading materials and equipment to blind people across China, and facilitated exchange between individuals engaged in disability rights and education in China and the UK. Since 2005, China Vision has become more directly involved in rights-based advocacy in China, supporting the development of independent media production by blind and other disabled people. Since 2008 China Vision has managed and monitored over a dozen disability rights projects, covering Disabled People’s Organization capacity building, media production, monitoring implementation of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD), rights advocacy, inclusive education and supported employment. These projects have all been inspired by our partners in China and developed jointly by Chinese disability rights activists and China Vision.

China Vision Trustees

China Vision Trustees are based in the UK
Stephen Hallett OBE
Chair of Trustees
Stephen has worked in and around China since 1980. After producing TV documentaries for over 10 years, his own visual disability forced him to begin realising the potential of disability and since 1999 he has worked for disability rights and social equality in China. In 2010 his work earned him an OBE.
Chris McMillan
Chris is Secretary and a founder member of China Vision. She is author/editor of China Vision news blog. Diagnosed with Nystagmus soon after birth, she schooled completely within the specialist education system. Chris met her first Chinese students while at technical college in 1970 and has spent over 40 years as a volunteer for UK organisations supporting people with visual and other disabilities.
Graham de Smidt
Graham has been a community development worker and photographer. He worked in further education for 20 years, most recently training vocational teachers. Currently volunteering at the RNIB and Guide Dogs UK.
Ellen Bassani
Ellen has been a Social Worker, a public speaker, a university lecturer, and for the last twenty-five years, a disability equality trainer. She has conducted a series of disability equality training programs in China. She regards her visual loss as her greatest gift and encourages others to validate their own disability-journey.
Paul Crook
Paul is a former broadcaster and journalist with the BBC Chinese Service. A specialist in Chinese affairs including culture and human rights, Paul is a founder member of China Vision. He travels widely in China and East Asia.
Anxi Jiang
Anxi is a musicologist from Beijing, but has worked as a film researcher and producer on TV documentaries about China for the past 20 years. She has worked with China Vision on disability in China since 2006.
Sue Walker
Sue gained extensive understanding of visual impairment and other disabilities whilst working for the Royal London Society for the Blind and in mainstream education. She has travelled widely to support specialist visual impairment education, covering Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Sue is a founder member of China Vision.
Lili Wang
Lili Wang is a former broadcaster and journalist with the BBC Chinese Service. She is a specialist in media and Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs. She travels widely in the region.
Theresa Mellon
Theresa has extensive experience of managing development programmes for NGOs in Africa and Central Asia. She has a strong background in organisational learning and development. Most recently she worked as head of staff development in a London university.
Dr Sarah Dauncey
Sarah is Associate Professor of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham and has over 25 years of experience studying and visiting China. She has a strong personal interest in disability, which has stimulated and informed her research into the representation of disability in China. Her work aims to transform the cultural landscape of disability, enhancing disability awareness and social equality as a consequence.
Professor Anna Lawson
Anna is Professor of Law at the University of Leeds and heads the Centre of Disability Studies. She participates in UK equality and human rights commissions and advises China Vision on legal matters related to inclusion, accessibility, reasonable accommodation and equality, in access to justice and the disabling and enabling potential of law.


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